"Copy Link" and "Copy Markdown Link" hotkeys both copy Markdown link

I have been a hook user for a few years now and I really only use the basic linking functionality, but that alone is an amazing feature. I realized recently that my hotkey for copying the link to something (cmd+shift+h) is copying the markdown link. The “Copy Markdown Link” hotkey (cmd+shift+m) does the same thing. I looked in settings and the hotkeys are configured correctly. This occurs across many apps.

I have an outdated Pro license but have accidentally upgraded at some point so I was in Basic mode. But I just went and downloaded a version that I have paid for and the problem persists. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?
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Thank you for contacting us and your kind words, @freddie .

What’s your Hookmark version?

Are you invoking Hookmark window, then type “cmd+shift+h” or it is a global shortcut that you configured in Hookmark preferences window->Shortcuts?

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Hi bchend,

My Hookmark version is 5.1.2. And this behavior occurs both when i use the shortcuts i mentioned above (whtout invoking the Hookmark window) and when invoking the window then using the short cuts “cmd+c” and “cmd+m” or invoking the hookmark window then clicking the down arrow and selecting one of the options. In all situations, the “copy link” and “copy markdown link” commands copy the markdown link.


Thank you for the info, @freddie .

I tried to reproduce the issue, but no luck so far.

Could you please let us know in which app you paste Hookmark link ?

Also do you use and clipboard manager?

Thank you


Thanks for following up! I solved it! I don’t use a clipboard manager exactly, but when you asked I tried turning off my little app that clears formatting when copy and pasting. It’s called PurePaste and it was the problem! It was trying to “preserve links” (intended for copying a sentence with a hyperlink, it would preserve the hyperlink) which was causing the issue. Not sure exactly why, but turning off that setting off in PurePaste worked!

Thank you so much.

Any idea why an app that clears formatting would make copying a link (Hookmark) into a Markdown link? Just curious, it would be nice to preserve that functionality in PurePaste but obviously we don’t know how that app works.

Thanks again!


It is great that you solved the problem, @freddie .

I installed PurePaste but I can’t reproduce the problem. I am not sure how this appened. Sorry about this.