Copy as Markdown Link keyboard shortcut (Command+M) broken in Ventura?

If I go up into the menu and click on that command it DOES produce a Markdown Link I can paste that works. But I can’t use the computer keyboard short cut anymore.

I don’t get a message about a conflict with any other app or service shortcut. Just nothing happens.

Is this a Ventura issue? I’m now using 13.2.1 (22D68) but this behavior has been constant from 13.1 on.

It works on my machine. It does not work for all apps?

Thank you

Hmm. For some reason it works this morning.

It looks like I mistook a different behavior (or just misremembered somehow) that the Hookmark window disappeared after pressing Command M and when it didn’t I assumed it hadn’t been copied when it had. When I Command V pasted into Noteplan just now it worked.

Sheesh.My Bad.

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