Copied Hookmark-links don't appear in (LaunchBar's) Clipboard-History


I’m using Hookmark 6.0.1 (5788)(Scripts version 312) in Pro mode on a Mac Studio (Mac13,1 - 2022 - Apple M1 Max - 64 GB RAM) running macOS Ventura Version 13.6.3.

I’ve just discovered that the copied Hookmark-links don’t appear in LaunchBar’s Clipboard-History.

This happens both when copying the link in two steps (first showing Hookmark’s Context Window and then pressing CMD C) or directly (via the keyboard shortcut for “Hook to Copied Link”).

However the copied link is there and can be pasted via CMD V.

Do I miss something?



Thank you for contacting us, @VladGhitulescu .

Do you mean the clipboard history which can be show using "option+command+" ? If yes, I just tried it and it seems to be working fine.

Hmmm… after restarting my Mac it does by me too! Hurray - and sorry for the false alarm!