Context window feature requests

Feature 1: I have an item hooked to other items open in the context window. One is a website, one is a document, etc. I would like to be able to switch highlighting between the items in the context window like I would when switching between documents in the same app, e.g., Preview, using a key combo like ⌘ ~.

Feature 2: With respect to websites in the context window, when I select a website and hit [return] to go to the site, I would like for Hookmark to check whether the site is already loaded in the browser, instead of reloading the browser, which can take seconds (unless the site is not loaded).

Feature 3: Finally, taking the first request a step further, could Hookmark feature a dedicated key combo that allows the user to switch between open hooked items with the same ease as one switches between open windows in the same app? Imagine using ⌘ ~ to effortlessly swap around Hooked websites, documents, etc.

Thanks for considering.

Thank you for the feature requests, @capcrime .

Hookmark has quick look. Could you please try command+Y and see if it helps? You can also open quick look via Gear button->View-> Quick look.

I am not sure Hookmark can handle this well. It needs permission to do this and some users don’t like that. And it also takes time to do the processing. Perhaps it is more efficient to do this in a browser addon. I hope there is a browser setting for this. But I can’t find it.

Please check if Hookmark’s quick look helps.

Thank you