Confusing error message – Mac Notes

I am running Hook with Catalina and when I try to Hook to a note in Apple Notes I get the following error:

Due to bugs in macOS 10.15 (Catalina) Notes app’s AppleScript, Hook is unable to open links to Notes in macOS Catalina. However Hook is compatible with macOS 10.14 and macOS macOS. You can nevertheless Hook Notes to other items.

Do you mean to say I can use hook:// links in Mavericks and Big Sur but not Catalina, though I can hook items to notes, and vice-versa, in Catalina as well?

yes, the situation with Apple macOS Catalina Notes app is confusing due to its unique bugs. There’s more information here: Using Hook with Apple Notes – Hook.

from there one gets to Using Hook with Apple Notes – Hook which says:

users cannot open links to Apple Notes notes in Catalina. However, Hook allows users to use Copy Link, Copy Markdown Link, Hook to Copied Link, and Hook to New within Apple Notes. Users may even call Hook to New > Apple Notes within any linkable item. When users upgrade to Big Sur (macOS 11), they will be able to fully benefit from links to Notes they created in previous versions.

Apple fixed its bug in Big Sur (macOS 11), which is why we’ve reintroduced support of Apple Notes.

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Thank you for this information. I posted this in the MPU forum, where it has come up in discussion.

I love that you use the note creation date and time as a unique identifier for each note. Very clever! Is that how you generate a unique identifier for documents in the Finder as well?

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thanks, Mitch. hook://file// URLs don’t use date/time information. hook://file// URL information gets mapped into the database and updated on occasion.

I love that you use the note creation date and time as a unique identifier for each note

we have gratitude to Artëm Chistyakov for that. Quoting Hook integration scripts v. 138 now available — Support for Apple Notes is back! - Releases - Hook Productivity Forum :

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