Confused: How can I link a Web Page with an Xcode source file?

I thought this should be obvious but I have stumbled.

I have a web page open in Chrome:

which relates to some code I am working on, and I want to associate it with the source file - MNIdentity.m - it relates to which I have open in Xcode.

But from either end, when I invoke Hook, I seem only to be able to “Link to New” or “Link to New Text File”. I can’t seem to work out how to say “Link it to this thing over there”. From the browser end, even if I choose “Link to New”, Xcode is not in the list (although Hook knows it is installed).

I am wondering if I have fundamentally misunderstood the Hook concept and it is ONLY for linking to NEW documents. Is that so? Please, can someone tell me what am I missing here?


Does this help: Getting Started – Hook ?

To link items together with Hook simply

  1. open or select the first item (in the Finder or your favorite app)
  2. invoke the Hook window (⌘⇧SPACE) and select the “Copy as Link” command with the ⌘C hotkey or in the title bar menu (⌃T)
  3. open a different item, and
  4. invoke the Hook window again and select “Link to Copied Address”(⌘L) in the title bar menu (⌃T)

That’s it. The two items are now linked! The next time you invoke the Hook window on one of the items, you will see a link to the other in the window.

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Brilliant Luc, thanks. I must have missed the Getting Started guides and ended up looking at the videos.

While the workflow is easy once discovered, and I don’t think I will forget it, it seems like you need to force-feed the getting started material a little more heavily :slight_smile:

Thanks again,


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You’re absolutely right. I’ve been chipping away at it but need to do some more bursts. And I need to produce more screencasts with the new UI that we introduced with 1.3.

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Isn’t there a tutorial, which opens at the first launch of Hook?

yes there. I’ll put that online too.