Confused by Tinderbox and Hook

I’m trying to use Tinderbox as my main Hub for hook links (and projects).
I’m a little confused: when adding Custom Templates in the Hook>Templates directory, I’ve added a .tbx file.
But in the liste of “new” items I can create once I’ve hooked something, when I click on tinderbox … a whole other document, brand new, is open.
This is suboptimal - I wanted to add a note inside an existing document.

Am I missing a script or something?

“Hook to New…” always Hooks to a new document, not to some location inside a document. That’s the way Hook works.

The method to use Hook to hook from one document or website or file, etc., to a note inside a Tinderbox document, would be to first Copy Link from the source, go to Tinderbox and add a note, then Hook to Copied Link.

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Thanks, that’s how I’ve been doing it. I was wondering if someone had maybe cracked a little script that could write inside TBX. Oh well, seems i have some time on my hands, I may just give it a go :slight_smile: