Conflicting keyboard shortcut

I’m sure there’s a large demographic overlap between users who have both 1Password and Hookmark installed. They are all confronted with a conflicting keyboard shortcut. I know it’s not difficult to change it, but It seems smart to change the shortcut to a more sensible default.

Welcome to the Hookmark Forum , @roelvangils. and thanks for this.

I think 1p added this quite recently, whereas our app has been out with this shortcut since Jan 2019 (In beta; July in 2019 in 1.0. We introduced ⌃H later to make it more memorable and easier. But even ⌃H is not perfect since if Hookmark is not running, that is a del shortcut in old fashion UNIX / emac like apps.

Also the global shortcut space is getting crowded.

the secondary shortcut is configurable.

We are considering extending the onboarding wizard such that it would help users decide on the spot what the keyboard shortcut is. Ideally Hookmark would check for conflicts and alert user of choices.

In our new screencasts, we refer to ⌃H rather than ⇧⌘space.

Thanks for the clarification! That makes sense.

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