Complete Reset - Delete all bookmarks and start over

I want to completely, 100%, start over with my Hook data. I don’t need any backups of any of the hooks/links/whathaveyou, whatsoever. Yes, I am sure.

I have Hook installed on my iMac and MacBook. I have the iOS Hook beta installed on my iPhone and iPad.

I have quit Hook on my iMac and MacBook.

I have deleted ~/Library/Application\ Support/com.cogsciapps.hook on both machines.

I had sync turned on and so I deleted the contents of iCloud/Hook/sync from both Macs. I waited a few minutes to let the local cache sync with iCloud.

I started Hook on my iMac and boom - all of the bookmarks have returned (cmd-F to see the list).

I took the extra steps of 1) uninstalling the iOS Hook beta apps and turning off sync on my Macs. I then deleted the com.cogsciapps.hook folder and restarted my Macs

I thought it worked, but after about 30 minutes, all of the bookmarks came back to all of my devices.

How do I nuke everything?

Sorry about the trouble.

Just want to be sure, did you delete files in Files: iCloud Drive/Hook/sync on your iPhone and iPad?

Since this may involve using Hook-related software on iPhone or iPad, let’s continue the discussion in the beta forum.