Compatibility with Liquidtext

I understand that later this month Liquidtext from will release their MacOS version. Their iPad app has existed for years and I will be purchasing the desktop version as well. This app allows for deep reading and thinking of PDFs.

Will you provide compatibility if that is at all possible?

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Thanks for asking , @haberjr

I’ve been in touch with the dev and we’ll see what they say re linkability. Preview, Adobe Reader and PDFPenPro worked out of the box. Skim only needed a bit of extra AppleScript. Hopefully they will provide the minimal automation support needed.


Hi, i downloaded the app, which only works on macOS 10.15. It has no AppleScript/ JavaScript support. So Hook or similar tools can’t automatically get the file title and URL, at least not at this point.

In their notes, you can paste links in directly from Hook or other apps that have Copy Link, like OmniFocus , Things and Drafts , but they are not pasted as hyperlinks. (Similarly, if you paste formatted text, the formatting is lost. ) Still, you can paste links in there, and when you need them, you can copy the links again and then paste them in Spotlight or a launcher.

I only briefly used it. Didn’t have a “new project” function. I couldn’t find its project files. Are they stored in a database? as files in iCloud ? If so one might be able to get hook://file links straight from Finder.

I couldn’t find any Reveal File in Finder .

Do they have expose a URL scheme on the iOS side?

it also crashed a couple of times, so I didn’t get very far.

anyway, I’ve been in touch with the dev regarding the possibility of an API.

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Thank you for staying on top of this. I just purchased my copy and already wrote to the developers I like to see compatibility with Hook. I will investigate their filing system. With the iPad version, you can choose to save your annotations in the original PDF file, so I can link to that. I will explore how this works on the Mac version.

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Liquidtext has issued a stability update. On my Mac it has been stable. You can open any pdf in Liquidtext by right clicking on a pdf and choose Liquidtext and then make annotations in the workspace, or highlight text. I did ask them to explore compatibility with Hook and will from time to time check-in with them.

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