Compatibility between Screen Sharing (in MS Teams) and Hook

I’m seing a weird behavior, but I’d like confirmation before crying “bug!” …
When I’m using screen sharing (in this case using the Screen Sharing function in MS Teams), hook doesn’t seem to find anything to hook to.
If I activate it on a trello card or on an outlook e-mail (both use cases from this morning’s weekly all hands call :-D), i get the hook window with a nice “HOOK” in it.
As soon as i disable screen sharing (even if the MS Teams call is still active), things get back to normal : I can activate hook on the same items and get the normal behavior.

So my questions :

  • Is this happening to others using MS Teams
  • is this happening to others using screen sharing in another conferencing app like Zoom ?
  • is there a work around?

I’m assuming Screen sharing is interfering with the ability of Hook to detect whatever it is I have active on the screen. Not sure there is a work around for this since I guess it’s pretty fundamental to the way Hook works.

I haven’t tried MS Teams screen-sharing (and it’s not currently listed as supported) [will ask internally].

Comparison: Apple’s Screen Sharing app does not have visibility of internal contents, just the general connection parameters.

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I have the same issue. As soon as I switch to presentation mode in ms teams I loose the ability to show and create hooks. As long as I just listen on audio and video it works fine.
I am working on macos 11 and office 365 for mac by the way.

While I was presenting on a topic of faster learning with a lot of prepared hooks into the topic I stumbled over this challenge.

Thanks for making this wonderful tool. It really hooks up different steps of my knowledge workflow :wink:

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Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @jg_hamburg . And thanks for corroborating the issue.

The app is currently not listed as being supported but we will have a look to see what can be done.

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