Coherence Pro, Unite, and Brave

Unite (which uses WebKit) doesn’t work with Hook, however Coherence Pro (which uses Chrome) from the same dev does work out-the-box (using Brave, not tested with vanilla or Canary). So we could add Coherence Pro to the list but could perhaps add an entry for Unite with a note on using Coherence Pro instead if possible (both are in Setapp so many will have both).

A related bug(?) in Hook, if you have a Coherence Pro app running, invoking Hook in Brave results in a link to the Coherence Pro current context not the foreground Brave! If this is an issue purely on Brave’s end that Hook can’t fix, we should add a note to the Brave entry as that is where the bug manifests.

Thank you. I use Brave but haven’t tried the others. Will give them a whirl.

I’ve found the issue and it’s not in Hook (I think).

If you launch Brave in the above scenario it actually does work.

However, if you click an external link in the Coherence applet (eg. if you’ve made an applet for gmail and click a link that isn’t a gmail page) it will by default open in a browser window. Despite this window looking like a normal browser window it is actually running under the applet. So when you invoke Hook it receives the applet context not the browser window context. This is particularly confusing if the browser window has been left open and you come back to it later to do some normal web work not noticing it’s not the normal browser.

So, potentially there is a way for Hook to select the correct context, unless Coherence is returning the wrong window when the frontmost window is requested.