Coherence Pro, Unite, and Brave

Unite (which uses WebKit) doesn’t work with Hook, however Coherence Pro (which uses Chrome) from the same dev does work out-the-box (using Brave, not tested with vanilla or Canary). So we could add Coherence Pro to the list but could perhaps add an entry for Unite with a note on using Coherence Pro instead if possible (both are in Setapp so many will have both).

A related bug(?) in Hook, if you have a Coherence Pro app running, invoking Hook in Brave results in a link to the Coherence Pro current context not the foreground Brave! If this is an issue purely on Brave’s end that Hook can’t fix, we should add a note to the Brave entry as that is where the bug manifests.

Thank you. I use Brave but haven’t tried the others. Will give them a whirl.