Clean up the hookmark database after deleting files

I’m surprised that this hasn’t popped up earlier in the forum, but here’s my question : I have a bunch of hooks to files that have been trashed (and the trash has been emptied).

These hooks still appear in the list, for example if I do a search of my hookmark database. Here is what I see:

Admittedly my use case was weird (i generate a bunch of hooks to test some automation on my mac, and I trashed all garbage hooks at once …) so I’m not sur if it’s just a matter of the database not catching up on my housekeeping?

Thanks for any thoughts.

They would need to be deleted one by one. Hookmark does not delete automatically delete bookmarks to items in the trash because (a) you remove the file from trash; (2) delete the file on one Mac yet one to keep the hook on another Mac. This is relevant because sync may be enabled.


We do intend to

  1. support multi-select in the future to facilitate bulk operation on bookmarks (deletion, etc). The bookmarks will be available in a separate Hookmarks window.
  2. have an option to hide bookmarks that are in the trash.

Not sure if it’s the same thing OP was asking about, but I’ve noticed something related to this. Sometimes, I’ll find that a bookmarked file has been moved (renamed). I’ll delete the old bookmark (usually using CTRL + Backspace), but sometimes it still appears in my list when I open Hookmark. In these cases, I’ll even use the mouse to look for right click > Advanced > Delete in Hookmark and find that this option is not available in the context menu (presumably because the bookmark is already deleted?).

Is there a way to cause the database to rebuild or something? It reduces my confidence that I’m looking at valid data when I open Hookmark.

Sorry about this issue.

Could you please let us know where does it appear in Hookmark window, in Pinned section, Hooked section or recent section, or in search window?

Thank you

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Welcome to the Hookmark Forum , @antho

thanks for asking. There’s an export and import function in preferences. See also How to Backup and Restore Hookmark Data.

I believe they continue to show up in Recent, but I’ll have to double check next time I see it. Would that be expected behavior for them to show up there?

that is currently undefined, meaning the behavior is not specified in custdoc or internal detailed functional specification, and can go either way depending on internal implementation. I can say that it is internally expected, but we don’t want to commit either way at the moment. CogSci Apps can commit (as far as committing goes) to saying “Recent items” does not/will not contain everything in your database. It’s for recent stuff only.

In Hookmark 6, RECENT items section has been moved from the Context window to the new Bookmarks window, along with PINNED and ALL bookmarks.