Changing the url a bookmark points to?


a feature request:

It would be useful to be able to modify the url a hookmark points to.

For example, I just switched to using the advanced URI link scheme for obsidian hookmarks.

It would be more efficient to manually change the url for existing hookmarks than to remove and re-hook them.

Thanks for considering.

Thank you for this feature request, @AW2307 .

I will create an issue for this.

I am not sure if this applies to your case. And only good for one or two files. You can copy all hooked links for the file before switching, and then after switching, do “Hook to copied links” to that file.

Thank you

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Thank you @bchend.

I think your suggested workflow is also an interesting approach here.

Nonetheless, being able to directly modify the URL would simplify maintenance of Hookmark databases in various scenarios.