Changing the date format when pasting from "Copy All Hooked Links"

When I paste results from “Copy All Hooked Links”, I get a date format that looks like this:

“Report generated by Hookmark on 09-04-2019”

How can I change that to format as ISO 8061 (YYYY-MM-DD, the One True date format :wink:)?

Sorry about this, @AutonomyGaps .

We should use the date time format from System Settings. Then you can change the its format.

It would be great if you did!

The advantages of the ISO8 8601 standard can be summarized as follows:

  • Easy to read and write with software
  • Easily to compare and sort with a simple string comparison
  • Understandable regardless of the national language
  • Cannot be confused with other common date representations
  • Corresponds with the standard 24-hour time system in which the larger units (hours) are also placed in front of small units (minutes and seconds)
  • Strings that contain a date followed by a time are also easy to compare and sort (e.g. “2019-09-07 20:15:00”)
  • Notation is concise and has a constant length, simplifying keyboard entry and table layout
  • Identical to Chinese date notation, meaning the largest cultural group (>25%) in the world is already familiar with the system
  • Date values with the order “year, month, day” are also widespread, such as in Japan, Korea, Hungary, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and some other countries
  • A four-digit year format does not lead to any problems at the turn of a century