Changes to Pinned in Hookmark 6.0

I’ve been trying Hookmark 6.0. I sort of understand why you’d move Pinned out of the context window, but after years of muscle memory not having the pinned bookmarks show up when triggering Hookmark is a big change. Enough that I may go back to version 5.13 instead of using 6.0 beta. Probably just my issue, but I’m not particularly interested in having to learn multiple different keyboard shortcuts to trigger different things in Hookmark, or having to take an extra step to get what used to be available in a single step. I used to be able to trigger Hookmark and copy link, see hooks, and see my pins all in one place. Maybe this could be an optional setting?

As a side note, the user experience in the Library View window is confusing. It feels like a separate app than the rest of Hookmark.

Thank you

Thanks for the candid feedback, @bear_f.

It is certainly a different way of operating. One is contextual, one is context-free. Those are such different modes of working that for most users they need to be in a different window.

It’s also because the Input Window now has 3 types of contextual information:

  • HOOKED (directly)
  • RELATED (basically a general purpose contextual recommendation system)

that’s a lot of info. To keep PINNED and RECENT in there would have made the window too busy – again for most users, we know some won’t like it.

granted, many people will feel that way.

For the benefit of other users (new users and current ones), I will note that the Bookmarks window is just one keyboard stroke away . Users can show the Bookmarks window directly without even invoking Hookmark window, or they can get to it from context window by a keyboard shortcut or a click . We have other routes coming (dock and menu bar window).


The Bookmarks window and context window will both evolve over the months and years ahead, as interrelated but different views/functions.

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Thanks for the response. It sounds like these are logical choices. As I said, it just unfortunately changes one of my major uses of Hook — I’m guessing that I’m an edge case. Thanks.

I have a problem: I cannot trigger bookmarks with command + B, in addition Command +B in many editors is used to bolden the text

EDIT: now I see, I first need to trigger Hookmark with CMD + SHift + space, then I need to use command +B; I understand the philosophy, however, would be possible to get bookmarks directly?

In additon (maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention earlier) , but how I can trigger hookmark window without hooking current item (so it doesnt appear in the history)?
Both control + H and CMD+ SHIFT + SPACE are adding the item in the background to the history - for example when I want to access my bookmarks usually I dont want this or I don’t care, but it makes useful items harder to find

EDIT 2: I would say that the separating hooking and managing bookmarks make a lot of sense, but to get full benefit of this change I would need to get a way to invoke bookmarks without hooking current window/item into recents

Just to clarify TL;DR:

Users can show the Bookmarks window directly without even invoking Hookmark window, or they can get to it from context window by a keyboard shortcut or a click

With Hookmark Version 6.0 public BETA 2 (5751; Integration v. 286) and MacOS Sonoma I cannot invoke Bookmarks in one shortcut, I need to invoke the Hookmark window and only then I can use CMD +B to open Bookmarks; If Command+B is planned as standalone shortcut to invoke Bookmarks separately this is bad choice, it coincides with boldening text in many text editors

there is a global keyboard shortcut , visible/configurable in Hookmark > Preferences > Shortcuts. it’s called “Show Library Window”. That’s a bug. It should be called “Show Bookmarks Window”.

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Thanks! I see it know, that solves my issue with access!
Some other issues with Bookmarks window:

  1. I have another request or question - with the standard hookmark window (when I hook) click outside or using escape key dismiss the window
    With bookmark Escape key doesnt have any any effect, and clicking away just put the window with bookmarks in the background;
    Would be possible to use the same shortcut (^ + Shift + H) to dismiss the Bookmark window when the Bookmark window is focused?

  2. Also when the Bookmark window was already invoked once and stays in the background, invoking the shorctut again bring the window to the front, but doesnt bring the window focused (I need to click on it with mouse)

  3. Navigating the bookmarks: when I initially invoke the bookmark window I can navigate with direction keys between types (flagged, all bookmarks and recent), then I can navigate the links in the category, but how I can switch categories, lets say from flagged to recent when I started browsing (and use keys to navigate the link) using only keyboard? Maybe tab could be used? :slight_smile:

thanks for asking and suggesting. We’ve been wanting such feedback on the UX, which is not final yet. We’ve had little negative feedback on the UX; but there are little things about it that bother me which we intend to improve :wink: . They will need to wait till 6.1, because we want to release Hookmark 6 early in Sept, and Hookmark 6 already is such a huge improvement. With the bigger user base of Hookmark 6, we will be able to collect a lot more feedback on these finer-grained UX issues.