Change Location of Hook Resources?

I was wondering if it was possible to change where Hook saves its resource files (e.g. Help, Hook Files, Notes, Templates). Currently, they save in ~/Documents, but I prefer to keep app resources out of my Documents folder as it clutters up my actual documents. I searched the forums and also searched throughout the preferences but could only find a way to change where notes are saved not the rest.

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Thanks for bringing this up, @andreamocko. We (@ CogSci Apps) should/will write a help page on this topic.

Preamble. Hook has no special purpose UI to change the location of its main (~/Documents/) folder per se. Our rationale was that we wanted to make it super easy for users to address what we expected to be the most common case, which is to change the default location of the Notes folder. Many users (we assumed) would want the default location to be in personal information manager like EagleFiler, or somewhere indexed by DEVONthink. And we didn’t want to confuse matters by having two different folder location widgets.

Fortunately, the effect I think you are asking for can be achieved with symbolic links.

After taking certain precautions, described below, you can address your problem by moving the ~/Documents/Hook folder and then creating a symbolic link in its old home. I know you know how to do this, but for the benefit of those who do not: suppose you move the Hook folder to your home folder, then from the command line you would do this:

% cd ~/Documents
% ln -s ~/Hook Hook

which creates a symbolic link named “Hook” in your ~/Documents folder that points to Hook in your home (~) folder.


Before moving the ~/Documents/Hook folder,

  1. quit any applications that may have some of its files open. This is because the double operation of moving and creating a symbolic link can confuse some apps (nothing to do with Hook).
  2. quit Hook.

Summary of steps

So the order is:

  1. Quit Hook and various apps.
  2. Move the Hook folder.
  3. Setup the symbolic links from the Documents/Hook folder to its new location.
  4. Relaunch Hook and all your apps
  5. Enjoy :slight_smile:

Possible future alt

Some users won’t even want a symbolic link in their ~/Documents folder. So we might provide a UI or terminal command to choose a different Hook folder location.

Also, if your Notes folder has many notes, you’ll want to make sure that your Spotlight index is functional so that they can reliably and quickly be found after you migrate the folder.

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to this! This makes my day!

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Just my 2¢, but it sure looks like what Hook puts in ~/Documents would probably feel a lot more at home in ~/Application Support.

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Thanks, Jonathan.

I agree that a case can be made for the templates to be in Hook’s “Application Support” folder. The reason we put them in ~/Documents/Hook is that we want them to be very visible to the user, and used freely. Apple wants Application Support to be used for files that are not to be modified by the user. (The ~/Library folder is often hidden, for instance.) We feel that by making them visible, users are more likely to manipulate them (a good thing) and understand them.

At some point, we might well add a template manager, like OmniOutliner did with its templates. (Its templates are in Application Support.) At that point the templates could be in “Application Support” (because they would not be directly modified in Finder).

The “Hook Files” and “Notes” folder really belong where they are in our opinion. Notes are documents. Users will refer to them and move them around.

I agree a template manager then removing them from Documents makes most sense (in a future version).