Change Headings of subfolders

At the start of lots of my projects, I hook the omnifocus project to a custom folder structure. The name of the top folder automatically changes to the project name, but the subfolders don’t. Ideally, I would like to keep the existing folder name and add the project as a suffix. i.e. ‘1. Research {Project Name}’. Currently when I search for folders in alfred, I have lots of folders all called ‘1. Research’, making it hard to find the right one. Is there anyway to add the project as suffix?

Thanks for your help

Thank you for contacting us, @s32 .

Hookmark also has “Hook to New as…” function, which allows you specify the folder name (control+option+command+N). You can see it by pressing option key after the action menu is opened.

Will this help?

That’s really helpful, but not quite what I’m looking for. I hook to a new custom folder structure, which renames the top folder but not the subfolders. I’m wanting the subfolders to also be renamed to reflect the project title. I’ve included an image to make it simpler to undersstand.

Do you mean you would like the folder has suffix of “Complete John Doe’s recruitment”? e.g,
Instead of

  1. Pre-trac

You would like

  1. Pre-trac - Complete John Doe’s recruitment

It seems the files have the proper suffix.

That’s what I mean!

We will have a look.

Thank you

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