Can't Share File Opening Links

I wasn’t sure where to put this because when I was still testing for a way to resolve this missing feature, Hook crashed. I already sent in my crash report. So, this is either a feature request, or a bug, I am not sure which. Continuing.

It seems that when selecting a triggering file, in this case a HoudahSpot file, you can’t copy the link to put into other Hook documents. I was trying this using different key combinations in case there was away to do this that I missed. That is when it crashed.

This is about how you can take a linked address from almost any Hooked file “Copy as Link”, and paste the copied link into any other hooked set with “Link to Copied Address”.

When I wanted to copy a HoudahSpot search file in a linked set, I was able to “Copy as Link” just as would normally happen. But when I returned to the document that I wanted to add that copied HoudaSpot file link to, the item “Link to Copied Address” in the Hook menu was greyed out as if I had nothing to paste.

If I am understanding the design philosophy behind Hook, I think this must be a bug as anything linked should, at least in theory, be able to be shared with other Hook link sets.

I’m not sure if I understand this part properly. But when you select a link in the ACCESS LINKED ITEMS section, some keyboard shortcuts become available as described here All Commands & Shortcuts – ACCESS LINKED ITEMS section, including Copy Selected Item as Link

Most commands operate on the item that is in the foreground of the current app (e.g., a PDF document, web page or email message behind the Hook window). However, some commands operate on the item that is currently selected in the ACCESS LINKED ITEMS section. They are listed below.

  • Access (open) the Selected Linked Item (return)
  • Delete the Selected Link (⌘DEL)
  • Reveal Selected Linked File in Finder (⇧⌘R)
  • Copy Selected Item as Link (⇧⌘C)
  • Copy Selected Item as Markdown Link (⇧⌘M)
  • Link Selected Item to Copied Address (⇧⌘L/⇧⌘V)

The last three commands listed above enable you to operate on the linked item without first needing to open it. That can save you time, and help keep you in flow.

  • Copy All Links (⌃C). This copies all the links listed in the ACCESS LINKED ITEMS section.

Some of these keyboard shortcuts are indicated in the status bar. That’s not good enough. We are about to make them more visible to users.

whenever there is a URL in the copy buffer, Hook should enable “Link to Copied Address”. If multiple URLs are there, then “Link to Copied Addresses” (plural) should be enabled. if not that would be a bug.

We examine all crash reports we receive, and will examine this one with interest and gratitude for this additional context.