Can't send message to support

I just created my account and I try to Message to Support but I am told I cannot do this.

I have some problems getting Hookmark to work correctly and I was looking for a bit of help.

Are you using the ‘Message to support’ link at the top right of the page?

When you click that link, what do you see? If you’re logged in, you should see the new topic box. If you’re not logged in, you should see the login box.

Or are you seeing an error message of some kind?

I am logged in. I get a pop-up that says “sorry, you can’t send a message to support.”

Sort of mysterious.

I am having some trouble using Hookmark but if I could get it working it would be a huge convenience.

meanwhile you can email

I’ve made a change that should allow you to use the ‘Message to support’ function. Please let me know otherwise. Thanks!

Much thanks, it looks like I can send the message. I’ll be in touch later this afternoon.


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I’ve moved this topic to the Site Feedback (About the Forum and documentation) category.