Can't copy link after upgrading to Hookmark

I just upgraded from the standalone version of Hook v5 to the Setup version of Hookmark V6. I followed the upgrading instructions on the website. I have a couple of weird problems:

  1. Using Hook I had 912 bookmarks but Hookmark tells me I only have 899 bookmarks. How do I figure out what is missing?
  2. Hookmark doesn’t actually work. I can select an item and Hookmark knows I have selected it but copy link is always greyed out.

I use Hook constantly so this is a real workflow problem.

Any help would be much appreciated.

You can export bookmarks to a file via Hookmark preferences ->General ->Export… .

Then you can compare the two files in Terminal, using the following command:
diff, file1 file2

Repace “file1” and “file2” with the names of exported files.

Do you mean Hookmark Setapp does not work? Could you please send us the screen shots of Hookmark window with disabled copy link and Hookmark about window?

Thank you

Thank you for the quick reply.

  1. I am not sure this will work because they should be the same file. Following the conversation from the standalone Hook to the Setapp Hookmark version I just renamed the folder. I will try reinstalling Hook and exporting
  2. Please see the attached screen shot. You will see that the key command is greyed out. However, selecting copy link with the mouse doesn’t do anything either.

Much Thanks,


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  • Thomas a Kempis

Sorry, “Copy Link” menu item seems being enabled to me. Do you mean Hookmark does not copy the link to the clipboard when you select the menu item or using “command+c” ?

Yes, it looks like it is enable but choosing the menu item or using command-c does nothing.


I have sought peace in all, and found it nowhere but in a corner with a book

  • Thomas a Kempis

When you say does nother, do you mean the context menu would not disappear or there is nothing in the clipboard?

BTW, do you have any clipboard manager running?

Thank you

Bi Ling

I am running Butler as a clipboard manager

The clipboard reference was helpful because the link was in the clipboard.

In Hook v5 when I chose Command-C I would get a message that the link had been copied. That no longer shows up

In Hook v5 I linked an item to the next item with Command-L. It appears that now I have to choose Command-V.

I am still not certain where my missing 13 links went, and I would like some kind of visual indication that a link has been copied, but at least I can link items again.

Much Thanks

I see. If you want to see the notifications, you can go to System Settings, search notification, turn on Hookmark’s notification.


Sorry, I wasn’t very clear. I don’t want the systems notification. I just want some kind of visual indication that something happened when I chose copy. In Hook the copied item would show up in the hook window.

I have sought peace in all, and found it nowhere but in a corner with a book

  • Thomas a Kempis

Do you like Hookmark closed after copy link? You can turn on “Hide Hookmark context window after copying links”:

That is not really the issue. The issue is that there is no visual indication that an item has been copied. For example, here is the Hookmark window when first called up:

And here is the Hookmark window after Command-C:

There is no change and there was no indication that anything has been copied–even though the link I want is on the clipboard.

In Hook the copied item showed up under HOOKED and there was a brief pop-up that indicated that something had been copied

Do you mean “Hook to copied Link”?

“Copy Link” would not make the link show under HOOKED section, “Hook to copied link” will do.

That is helpful.

In Hook something showed up there.

Is copy link supposed to provide any visual indicator that something happened?

Currently, Hookmark only provides system notification for that.

I will create an issue for this.

Much appreciated.

Oddly, system services > Notifications does not list Hookmark as an option