Cannot search anything

I can click HookMark link, but cannot search it.

I first installed HookMark not in setapp, then I installed HookMark in setapp, then I uninstalled the first HookMark application with CleanMyMac.

Hi @Tokubara . It looks like you removed all data from Hookmark which of course explains why you found nothing.

You’ll first want to recover your Hookmark data from your backups: How to Backup and Restore Hook Data – Hookmark

then you’ll want to follow the procedure described here to move your data from the standalone Hookmark (downloaded from our website) library folder to the Setapp lib folder. Please see Hookmark Setapp FAQ (frequently asked questions) – Hookmark for instructions.

I’ve moved it out of Bug Reports.

(There’s probably a bunch of other posts that are filed as Bug Reports here [since participant reasonably felt it was a bug] that in the head are not bugs so need to go into Discussion.)