Cannot reactivate

Hi there,

moved to a new mac and trying to re-activate the license. Gives me just an error:

"Hook activation failed (Status Code: 500) Error: Internal sever error. Please try again later or contact CogSci Apps Corp. (

When I send an email to, it also fails and says, recipient unknown.

Anyone has an idea how to reactivate a license?

Hi @eMaX .

the email activation instructions are here Activating your license of Hook productivity app for Mac – Hook, which says:

If you get a notice from Hook saying that your “License Key” has expired (per #2 above), this notice will contain a link to a webpage. That very simple webpage contains a field where you can enter your email. Enter your email here. Then Paddle will send you a new license key activation email again: (per #2 above). That will repeat the activation process…

From your post it sounds like something went wrong with that link. We are looking into it.

The email address should be We’ll check to make sure support@hook... is not used, but I’ve setup email forwarding just in case.

Well, it’s not working. I never receive any email (which may be since I was using a “+” in the mail).