Cannot open hook:///email URLs pasted in Obsidian

I tried to open some emails in Apple Mail by using the links given by Hook. However, I got the following error messages from Hook and the email cannot be found:

The operation couldn't be
completed. (MCMailErrorDomain
error 1030.)
Mail was unable to open the URL

I am using macOS 12.1, Mail Version 15.0 (3693. and Hook Version 3.4.1 (4604; Integration v. 191).

This message is shown if the email referenced by a hook:///email URL is not accessible to macOS Mail in the same macOS account. If you’re sure that the email is in fact there, and that you have not accidentally changed the URL, then

Was there not extra information after message:? If so could you send it in a PM so we can check if it is well formed?

are you getting this for every email? from different sources (senders) or just one source?

I am certain that those emails are still there, and the links are not changed.

Also, I get similar errors for many emails from different accounts, Gmail and Exchange, and senders.

I would send you the extra info through PM.

I too am getting this exact same issue with all emails from all accounts

Thanks for contributing your experience, @damknickers . In Apple Mail, please

  1. select the email message that goes with that error message.
  2. invoke Hook.
  3. Copy Markdown Link
  4. send it to us here via a PM to support.

In that PM, please also paste the complete dialog box text that you get when you try to open that link.

Circling back on this after PMs, in at least one case the issue was encoding of URLs pasted into Obsidian. @damknickers, are you also experiencing this in the context of Obsidian, or other apps.

Hook’s own encoding of hook://email/ URLs hasn’t changed and Hook’s code to process it is quite well exercised.

I’ve updated the topic name and category for ease of accessing/interpreting the info.

This problem seems to be solved in Obsidian v0.13.23. Their Discord server says says: “Obsidian v0.13.23 is now available for public access! This release is mostly focused on improvements and bug fixes for Live Preview.” I tested Hook email links in Obsidian edit and live modes with this version of Obsidian. It works.

I raised this on their discord server here: Discord

Great! Thanks for the update!

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