Cannot Hook Arc Browser

I just used the newly downloaded Arc Browser to realize Hook doesn’t work with it.

Is there anyway around it ?

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Should be the way, the app allow in native way to copy link as a markdown with Shift + ctrl + cmd + c

We will take a look. I just join the waitlist. Not sure when I can get it.

I would recommend contacting Arc developers on twitter to get faster access (as making Arc more accessible and interoperable with other apps might be their priority)

Also faster access of Arc for students and academics here

Try adding these scripts to Hook for Arc:

Get Name:

tell application "Arc" to return title of active tab of front window

Get Address:

tell application "Arc" to return URL of active tab of front window

They have been working for me for a few months now.


It works! Thanks a lot !!

Thank you, @bjtitus for the integration. And thank you all for bringing this to the Hook community’s attention.

I would like to do this, but sadly I do not know how to add scripts to the Arc Browser. Can anyone give me a lesson?

Oops, sorry. I wasn’t thinking. Of course I need to add the scripts to Hook. I think I can do that.

Spoke too soon. I thought I knew what to do, but now I am confused. Where do these new scripts go? New item pane or somewhere else? Sorry to be so dense.

There you go.


Ah, so simple. It works fine! Thank you.

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Thank you for helping out, @Missionary !

This doesnt always work, when you open pinned tab and go into other tab it will still hook to the pinned tab (but this is a Arc specificity),
thank you for sharing this!

Another limitation (perhaps): It seems Hook cannot recognize Arc “Easels”. I have added the two scripts provided above to Hook, and for tabs it works perfectly and (so far at least) without any exception. But not for Easels.

Does anyone know about this?

That is correct. Arc does not have AppleScript to get an Easel’s URL. Ditto its notes’ URLs.

If anyone would like to point this out to the developer, that would be grand: Contacting Developers of Other Apps and Information for Developers – Hook.

We’ve updated Hook’s integration server with basic support for Arc Browser. Users may remove their overrides.