Can I replace file without breaking the links I have?

I am have particular use-case where I need to replace a file (pdf) which I have multiple links to (deep links). The same file I need to annotate and make notes on, however I can’t just edit the same file on different devices for a number of reasons I don’t want to get into. I know the hookmark links are resilient and not just pointing to a file location which is a great feature, but in this instance it seems impossible to replace a file with a copy of the same file which has my notes and edits (without breaking my links).

Is there any work around ?

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Suppose you have this:

  • File1.pdf: has lots of links. It lives in Folder1. So you have Folder1/File1.pdf
  • You want to replace that Folder1/File1.pdf with another file.
  • Suppose that other file is File2.pdf which lives in Folder2. I.e., it is Folder2/File2.pdf.


  1. change the name of Folder2/File2.pdf to Folder2/File1.pdf
  2. move Folder2/File1.pdf into Folder1 , thereby replacing the original Folder1/File1.pdf


All of the links to/from the original Folder1/File1.pdf now point to the new Folder1/File1.pdf

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Thank you! That actually worked. Previously I tried deleting the old file and pasting the new with the same name, but the replacing part is what made the difference.

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Correct, if you delete the old file, the file will go to trash, and links will still point to the file in there.


Great to hear about this workaround! I always thought a „replace current file with …“ would be a nice advanced feature.

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