Can hooks to contacts be created in Shortcuts?

I have a Shortcut that selects a contact and adds a task into OmniFocus to call that person.

Unless I am missing something, there doesn’t appear to be a way to add the b/hookmark to the contact from within a Shortcut.

  • Add Bookmark provide an empty bookmark when passed the contact.
  • Nothing exposes the contact ID so I can’t create it manually by simply prepending “addressbook://”
  • I can’t seem to get the selected contact to show the contact window so I can’t use the “Get Bookmark from Active Window”

I can copy the hookmark first to the clipboard and then use “Get Bookmarks from Clipboard”
to then join the clipboard bookmarks with a bookmark to the newly created OmniFocus item.

Seems like this should be an easy thing to do and Apple is just missing key functionality in Shortcuts for Contacts. Just exploring ideas so this is not critical but any thoughts would be appreciated.

Welcome to Hookmark forum, @totallyGreg .

Do you mean you need open contact window first, ans then select that contact? What information do you have regarding the contact?

Thank you

I’m still working on input of the contact.

If I provide no input, I get a picker that will allow me to specify one. The resulting contact has all of the information contained in the Contact database for that contact, except for the ID used in the addressbook:// link.

Currently I’m only using the Name value to set a “Call ” as the title on the OmniFocus task. I plan to add more context to the note of the task including a link back to the Contact card.

This is the part I am struggling to obtain. The link back to the contact card. I want to be able to click on the name in the task notes or simply pull up Hookmark on the task and get back to the contact.

Show correctly reveals the selected contact stored in the variable.
Add Bookmark fails because it is expecting addressbook:// URL

If I open the contact first and copy the hookmark/addressbook:// link before running the Shortcut I can pull it from the clipboard and set properly allowing Hook to join the two. But that is less than ideal.

It seems like Apple just isn’t exposing the contact in Shortcuts properly making this more difficult/impossible.