Can Hookmark trace archived MailMate-messages in EagleFiler or Finder?


I’m using MailMate Version 1.14 (5942) on a Mac Studio (Mac13,1 - 2022 - Apple M1 Max - 64 GB RAM) running macOS Ventura Version 13.6.3.

I regularly archive email-messages

  • in EagleFiler (via the correspondent MailMate-command) and
  • in Finder (via drag and drop into the Finder-folder).

After archiving I delete the email from MailMate.

As soon as I delete them the Hookmark-links to the deleted email-messages don’t work anymore.

Is there any workaround to enable Hookmark to use the links to the archived email-messages (into the EagleFiler-database and/or into the Finder-folder) instead?



I can see the value of this, but there’s currently no way to do this unfortunately. For background, there is Using Hookmark with EagleFiler by C-Command Software – Hookmark.

Oh that’s a pity!

I’m aware of the possibility to hook emails archived in EagleFiler (and naturally also in Finder).
Unfortunately this would imply that I have to hook to already (in EagleFiler and / or Finder) archived emails → so FIRST archiving and THEN hook.

I’d rather hook the emails BEFORE archiving them because it matches more the way I’m currently processing information via email:

  • An email arrives.
  • I see some connections / to-do’s / etc. related to it, so…
  • … I hook the email to OmniFocus / Finder / etc. and then…
  • … I archive it and delete it from MailMate.

BUT if it’s technically not possible I’ll try to re-educate myself to:

  • Skim first over the coming email and determine first if it should stay in MailMate or get archived, then…
  • … immediately archive the email, delete it from MailMate and…
  • … hook the archived email (in EagleFiler / Finder) to OmniFocus / Finder / etc.

Thanks nevertheless!