Can Hook eventually make intelligent suggestions?

Here’s a case.

  1. I order something online, and hook to the order confirmation page.

  2. Then soon I receive an email confirming the order, so I hook to that and link to #1

  3. Later the order is shipped and I receive an email that it is on the way, and I hook the the second email and link to #1

  4. Finally, the shipper sends me an email with delivery status, and I hook this email and link it to #1.

It would be fantastic (perhaps magical) if as soon as I’ve done #1 and #2, then, when emails #3 and #4 show up, Hook knows that I am going to want to link them to #1. Because it’s magic I don’t need to be concerned about how Hook figures this out (tracking numbers maybe) – but it would really be nice.

Something to noodle on?



Have a look at DEVONsphere.

Sorry, I don’t understand. DEVONsphere is for searching for files. (I gave up using it ages ago because it is a resource pig.)

I don’t see how DEVONsphere has anything to do with either Hook or the suggestion I made.

If I’m just confused – please enlighten me.


DEVONsphere is an automated context switcher. Without telling it which items to connect it will show you related items. So you could:

  1. order something online
  2. There is no step 2. The emails will likely be linked.

I have DEVONsphere. It does not do anything at all what Hook can do. Thanks for the suggestion, but it is not relevant.