Can All File Types Be Linked?

Is there a list of the applications that Hook will work on, and any known apps hat Hook will not work on? Or, will Hook work on any app already as is?

I ask because I was trying to explain Hook to a friend. He was using a Photoshop cc document as his main document link to files as he does a lot of graphics work with clients, billing, etc.

I am not 100% sure if he was following my directions at the time or not but, he was saying that Hook was telling him that there were no Hook recognizable documents according to that photoshop cc file.

Was he correct and that some documents cannot be in a Hook set such as a photoshop cc document? Or had he not been following my directions - which is more likely as he is still completely new to Hook and how Hook works.

There is a lot of very useful info the @LucB has published on the main Hook Productivity site. This might be helpful?

Ah yes, thanks. I do see that Photoshop is in that list of apps that Hook supports. Although, as I recently posted, Affinity Photo seems to work on an unopened file but will not work with an opened Affinity Photo file.

As this is still version one, it seems that Hook is still evolving and learning. This is not meant as a criticism as Luc seems to be very responsive, supportive, and helpful to receiving feedback on Hook. I very much appreciate this.

But with Photoshop CC, I cannot test it and as I mentioned, my friend may not have understood something and, as I could not see what he was or was not doing …. it was worth asking the question at least.

Interesting. I have Photoshop CC 2019 so I was able to check this out. I open a .psd file in Photoshop. With that file open in a tab in Photoshop, I invoke Hook with the shortcut and do Copy as Link (⌘C). I close Photoshop. I navigate to a file in Finder. I invoke Hook and do Link to Copied Address (⌘L).

Later, I select that file in Finder. I invoke Hook, and it shows me under “Access Linked Items” the .psd document that I linked to the file. I double click that, and the .psd opens in Photoshop.

There’s probably other scenarios someone could follow, but this one work for me. I’ll mention that the first time I had a file open in Photoshop and invoked Hook, macOS asked me to grant permission to Hook to control Photoshop. (The normal accessibility privilege.) I think if I had not granted permission then the rest of my scenario should have failed.

Hope that helps!


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… add on: I tried this with Adobe Bridge. Invoking Hook on a document selected in bridge links to the folder for that file, but not to the file. So something would need to be done, if possible, to make Hook work with Bridge.

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Any file type can be used with Hook (via Finder, for example) but not every application is possible to support. So even if photoshop wasn’t working with Hook, you could always select the file in Finder to hook it.

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