Busycal3 not working in scripts 104

Using Hook 1.4 (3143) and BusyCal 3.9.0 (390006).

When invoking Hook within a selected BusyCal event or Todo, the Hook dialog always presents with “No linkable item found in BusyCal”.

The BusyCal scripts do appear when filtering by “Only show installed apps” in Hook prefs.

I am a new user of Hook, so I don’t know if previous versions functioned or not. Forum messages seem to indicate they did.

This is a showstopper for me, as calendar access and linking is one of my primary goals in using Hook.

Any help anyone can offer is greatly appreciated.

It used to work. Also not currently working for me with v3.9.0

The script to get the title and URL via the Busycal menu item seems to be incorrect in Hook. It refers to the item being in the ‘File’ menu, when it is in the ‘Edit’ menu.

The menu item itself works - if you select it you can copy the title and URL of the event to the clipboard. So I think the Hook script for Busycal likely needs to be tweaked.

Can confirm it works if you change the AppleScripts in the Hook settings to refer to the ‘Edit’ menu instead of the ‘File’ menu, and then save the scripts.

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thank you all for noting this issue. BusyCal seems to have changed the location of menu items on which Hook’s scripts depends. We are updating the scripts now. If anyone happens to know the specific version of BusyCal which introduced the change, that would be handy information (we will look too). But even without knowing this we can update the script to handle either case.

This issue is is due to the fact that Hook’s interaction with BusyCal relies on UI scripting. If/when BusyCal introduces the automation API we need, we’ll use that. It would be more robust. If BusyCal users would like to request they improve their app accordingly, here is a webpage we provide to facilitate communication: Contacting developers of other apps .

Many 3rd party app devs have updated their software to more robustly support automated linking (e.g., MailMate and nvUltra.)

A dev here says “I checked their release notes, but can’t find related info.”

Hook integration scripts v 106: Updates support for Busycal3 - Releases. I hope this works for all. If anyone experiences issues with the update, please let us know.

Thanks to everyone for looking into this and offering a solution. I just updated my scripts and will try it out today.