BusyCal Is In Scripting But Not Functional

I was just looking at the scripting section and saw that there is a BusyCal script. All that is telling me right now is that, apparently, it should be possible to link a Calendar event using BusyCal to a Hook link. But, I can’t see how this can be done? Selecting a calendar item in a month view, and hitting the Hook hot key, gives me nothing, no invitation to copy a link, nada. Getting information and editing the same calendar event all shows no Hook linking capacity. Clicking the menubar icon drop down target, doesn’t work as the moment I click on the BusyCal item to drag it, the drop target goes away.

I don’t actually have a use to do this right now. I am just testing to see if I am understanding that it is possible to include my BusyCal events in a future Hook link or not. From the BusyCal appearance in the Hook preference/scripting section I would have thought so. But, I can’t see how?

For me, dragging calendar entries from BusyCal to the menubar icon for Hook results in a warning message

But I can select an event in BusyCal, press the Show Hook Window shortcut (command-shift-space, for me), and that window opens so I can Copy as Link, Link to Copied Address, etc.

I don’t know why dragging would not work.


I believe the menubar for Hook is only supported for files (and Busycal doesn’t treat events as files).

Busycal works for me. I select the event in the main window and invoke Hook. I do find that when using multiple monitors that sometimes Hook says no context is selected — are you using multiple monitors? Normally trying again works for me in that situation, or sometimes moving the window to the primary monitor.

Yes, that was my point. If you drag an event from BusyCal to Yoink, for example, or the desktop, an .ics file is what is dragged. So, there is a file.

Hope that helps


But that file is not the event, it is an export of the event. If you edit that file, the original event will be unchanged.

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Hmmm, yes, I was mistaken. In my testing I went too far and then forgot what had worked. Yes, the icon menu does disappear and does not just show an error. As I have already commented, until the show drop target key command gets implemented in Hook, I rarely use the icon menu anyway. I could have just been doing it wrong by clicking to show it, and then clicking on a different app such as BusyCal instantly hides the drop zone. Of course, I did try dragging the BusyCal file over the menubar icon and got no response at all so … since I don’t use it, it was just a test and not something I want to continue to give precious brain resources to anyway, meh.

And, BTW, yes I have two screens, and yes, selecting a BusyCal item without directly editing it, does allow a Hook link after all.

However, looking at a BusyCal item to edit it, will not show any Hook links as my screen shot reveals. On the other hand, selecting the Hook link back to that item, does show the BusyCal item the same as if I opened the event to edit it. Maybe this seems a little confusing at first but, it actually does make sense.

P.S. I tried testing with BusyCal on the same screen as the Hook menubar icon to trigger the drop zone but the BusyCal menu extends too far into the small menubar real estate area. I am pretty sure the reason the drop zone was disappearing was because I was selecting the drop zone on one screen, then clicking on a BusyCal item on a second screen. Apparently the Hook drop zone does not recognize dual monitors and so it just assumed I had clicked away and became hidden.

Hook’s menu bar icon can accept drops from single non-file items, e.g., Mail.app messages, Safari URL’s, BusyCal. Hook menu bar icon can accept multiple file drops in one go.

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that would explain it.

I have a multiple monitor setup and use menu bar icon a lot. yes, the dropped upon menu bar icon needs to be on the currently active display. We’ll look into whether we can get around that limitation.

The main thing for me would be to have Hook have the awareness to open the drop target on the same monitor you are active in when you hit the key combination to open the drop target. The key combination launch method would be my preference as some of us do not find the menubar apps convenient.

Thank you for 'splaining to me how files work. :upside_down_face:


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we might even make a variant of this window: a separate window that can remain open at all times.

Thanks. One suggestion or comment if I may? As I start working with Hook I am finding that the Hook window does not resize vertically. I am finding it a little frustrating that it does not resize to the full vertical size of the screen if you wanted it too. When I am adding many supporting files to Hook, and granted I am really testing it out hard at this point, I have nearly missed files that I thought were missing as the relatively small Hook window needed to be scrolled to see al the files. It would be much nicer if the window opened as resizable when you have a lot of files to look at - more than 6?

As long as you are rethinking window variants, I thought to mention this in case the idea appeals to anyone else.

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