Build 2210 of Hook Version 1.0-beta is now available

This entry has been renamed and contains two build announcements.

Hook Version 1.0-beta (build 2210) is now available for download via Hook’s download page.

2019-03-29 Version 1.0-beta (2210)

No change to the Hook app compared to build 2209 below. This is just a new disk image (DMG) in case the prior image (containing build 2209) would spuriously remount.

2019-03-28 Version 1.0-beta (2209)


  • Improved UI and behavior for saving scripts ( Hook > Preferences > Script Editor tab). Hook now consistently, and as expected, prompts users whether they want to save the script when they interact with other components. Script Editor’s “Save” now has 3 buttons [Don’t Save] [Cancel] [Save]. (Issues 3190, 2885).
  • Fixed an issue with Adobe Acrobat Reader integration that could cause a long Hook window presentation latency in Reader, or some file paths not to be resolved (Issue 3264).
  • Tweaked the AirMail “get address” AppleScript (Issue 3190)
  • Fixed a typo in result of “Copy All Links” command.