Broken script editor. (don't paste links in it)

I got in a hurry and copied the script instead of the page it was shared on. Useful script to quote selected text and create markdown link - Share Hookmark automation - Hookmark Forum. Script editor now crashes immediately after opening. I re-booted as a guest user and opened the app with no problems to make sure it was due to a user file. Deleted the playlist file in library prefs with no results. Disabled sys protect just in case with no results. I’ve deleted the Hookmark links to scripts editor as well as from the web page. Nada. Ideas would be appreciated. The utility can only be replaced by re-installing Ventura.

I took me a couple of hours but I got it fixed. I stated the problem incorrectly. I tried to hook Script Edit to the copied link and it crashed. I deleted the application saved state and all is well. This would probably (?) work with any app crash and won’t reopen.