Bookmarks Window UI Tweaks

Shortcut and initial behavioral issues have been mentioned already, so I would like to focus on a few UI tweaks to toss into the mix.

I’ve been wanting this window for a long time. The contextual work being done in its’ own window tied to a seperate window for non-contextual / expanded use was a great addition. It plays nice with stage manager, takes minimal space with other apps, and can come and go with a keystroke.

• Have the Title, URL, and Time be independantly collapsable and horizontally sizable.

• Leaning toward compact with full readability text wrapping is too crowded for list view. The full width pop-up that shows when hovering over a long title or url is mouse only, somewhat slow, and glitchy. Perhaps the pop-up could be reconfigured to encompas the cell height and have an “active when held down key”. Select one or hold the key down while scrolling with an arrow.

• The links column should be kept next to pinned in both views and always left of the Title column as is currently in table view.


• Add Groupings in the side bar defined by tag, project name or other suggested method. Similar to a project files folder. It’s contents could be displayed seperately in a tab that the table is already configured for. Overviews offer a huge amount of leverage to search and sort features.

• Could the list view be sorted either/or, or primary and secondary?

• Quick sort options menu similar to finder menu item.

All for now,

And remove pagination. I mean it’s a native Mac table view, not a website.

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I am curious if any further development is planned or being done on the Bookmarks Window?

Yes. The next major new feature for it is a tags view.

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Can’t wait for tags to be released. Thx in advance for this

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