Bookmark list not updated until restart Hookmark

Hi there,

I’ve been trying to migrate all my personal knowledge base from Notion to file system based solution. Hookmark plays an essential rule for linking multiple documents together just like nested pages in Notion. Thanks a ton for making such a wonderful tool!

However, I’ve encountered an issue in the v6.0.1, and the newly released v6.1 does not fix it either. When I copy a new link from Hookmark, the link is supposed to be shown in the Bookmark list immediately. But in my environment, only the numbers of All Bookmark is updated, while the item list won’t change unless restart Hookmark.

Here is a screenshot of the sample, the number tells there are 3 bookmarks while the item list is empty.

I tried to reinstall Hookmark but the issue still persist.

I can provide any necessary diagnostic information.

Best Regards.

Thank you for reporting this issue, @zshbleaker .

This issue will be fixed in Hookmark 6.2.

Thank you