Bookends v. 14 hook problems

is anyone having issues with hooking to references in the newest version of Bookends? specifically, I’m finding it no longer picks up specific references, but instead is hooking my overall library (not useful!)

The latest Bookends has a new bundle ID. We’ve updated the Hook integration server to deal with it (version 181).

When this kind of situation arises in any app, one can Copy Link manually and then do Focus on Link in Clipboard ⌃⌘L. It’s also in gear menu as of Hook 3.3 (currently in public beta).

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Thanks Luc. I’ve updated it, but am still not quite getting the proper behaviour. (Getting the link ok, but not bringing over the proper name for the markdown link)

For the record, the issue was that a new version of version 14 of Bookends was required, which had a fix pertaining to AppleEvents. (the problematic version seems to have been short lived.) That probably explains why we didn’t hear about this from other users, as they probably already had the updated version of Bookends.
FYI: none of this affected Hook with Bookends 13.

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Yep - somehow the update didn’t get ported over to all users. Frustrating, but glad it’s fixed. Thanks again Luc!

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