Bookends integration

Trying to integrate with Bookends, by either dragging a Bookends entry to menu bar (causes Node Creation Problem message), or selecting an entry and then launching Hook (Hook’s window blinks and disappears). I see that there is a Bookends script embedded in Hook, which seems to be correct. what am I missing? Thanks.

We fixed an integration bug with Bookends on Jan 8 during private beta. I have asked a developer of ours to QA/ensure that the latest AppleScript made its way into Hook.

I personally use Mekentosj for my work at Simon Fraser University, where I’m an adjunct prof of cogsci and education, with which it works.

I’m moving this to the Bug Reports category

Thanks. I’d gladly join the beta team. I, too, am involved in research. Thanks,


Thanks, Asaf. The public beta is available to all. We’ve created an email list in which we will send updates, it is at the bottom of this page: There’s also a Discourse forum on updates.

Hi Luc: beta 1971 does not seem to solve the Bookends integration issue.

Thanks, Asaf.

Actually per the release notes, there were no changes with respect to BookEnds.

That bug fix was included in the first public beta.

We’ve looked into it and found another bug, which has now been fixed. It will be in the next release. Hopefully tomorrow. (Normally enhancements to our 3rd party integration are available to customers by clicking on the Hook > Preferences > Script Editor tab’s “Update now” button.)

Thanks again for pointing out the issue.

If you relaunch Hook or click Preferences> Script Editor tab > “Update now” button

then you will get the latest update. Please let us know if that doesn’t solve the issue. This is different from the Updates tab. Currently we separate updates to scripts from app software updates. That is more efficient for everyone. (I.e., script updates are delivered more quickly and frequently than entire app software updates.)

Problem remains:

Error: Node creation problem

Sorry for the inconvenience, Asaf.

I’m wondering whether there’s an issue with the Script Server update. Quitting and restarting Hook should force a call to its Script Server for an update. If you have a port blocker, that might stop the update from happening.

Either way, I expect to out a new build of Hook itself. later today that will have the update packaged in it.

The Hook window also has a “Copy as Link” and “Link to Copied Address” function that can be used instead of menu bar icon.

I don’t use Bookends myself. But I’ve asked our bookends integrator to revisit this, as noted previoulsy.

I have confirmation that “Copy as Link” does work in BookEnds.

Regarding the menu bar icon , I actually misunderstood my developer. My bad. Sorry about that. It requires a fix, which she gave me yesterday but I had not updated. I will upload it this evening.

The issue involving Bookends and menu bar icon is now resolved, per Hook 1.0-public beta build 1993 is now available (2019-02-08) - Releases - Hook Productivity Forum