Bookends Hook to a Group?

Bookends integration with Hooks works well in order to create a Hook to a specific citation.

Is there any way instead of that to create a Hook to a Group in Bookends?

Additional clarification -

Bookends does have the ability to recognize a link to a group, such as this:


How can we change the Hook script for Bookends to distinguish between a link to a selected reference vs a link to a selected group?

I hadn’t thought to even try this! Great idea.

Since Bookends has URLs for groups, you can paste those into Hook as with any URL created by Hook. I’ve just tried it and it worked fine from the Bookends side (ie hooking FROM a group). Starting from the other end, trying to hook TO a group, only linked to the first entry in the group.

Yes - that’s my point. There is no way to automate this so activating Hook while highlighting a Group creates a Hook to the group?

Again this is possible in the regular Hook user interface. If I choose Edit/Copy Hypertext link, it correctly distinguishes between a highlighted citation vs a highlighted group. Can that be automatically sensed in a similar fashion via scripting?