Bonne fête du Canada 🇨🇦. Happy Canada Day!

Cher communauté Hook,

Nous, à @ CogSci Apps , vous souhaitons une bonne fête du Canada. :canada: Vive le Canada uni! :canada: Vive le monde uni!!

Which is to say we wish you a happy Canada day.

From day one of conception, we have always had Canada in mind while designing Hook. Like Canada, it is a product that aims to “play nice”. We think for instance of Lester B. Pearson and his role in the United Nations. In Hook’s case it aims to play nice with all our favorite Mac apps, and all of your favorite Mac apps. I.e., it helps bridge data within and between apps, so that you can harmoniously use your apps together as if they were part of one big software system.

We recognize that Canada is compromised of humans, and like all of humanity, Canadians have not always played nice with each other within our country and on the world stage. Each one of us Canadians, alive today or who while they lived previously, helped create the country Canada is today; each one of us is or was human. We pause to reflect on our shortcomings and our aspirations to do better.

Having said that I think it is fair to say that the Canadian ideal is to be A Fair Country.

So it is with Hook. No app is perfect. Hook is not perfect. It is a work in progress. We are grateful for feedback on the app and always eager, impatient even (while trying to be Zen!), to progress on our product road map.

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