Bike is Hookmark's Partner of the Month of the May!

Bike Outliner for Mac is Hookmark’s Partner of the Month of May! . Check out the latter post for a 30% coupon off Bike.

If you’ve read my Cognitive Productivity books, you know that I am a big fan of outlining — which helps one think and create. Bike is an impressive new outliner developed by Hog Bay Software:

Use Bike to organize your thoughts.
Make lists, take notes, and save your ideas.
Bike is a powerful outlining tool for thinkers and writers.

I highly recommend checking out Bike’s home page. You’ll be impressed by the features and benefits of Bike. Bike’s philosophy aligns very well with CogSci Apps’. Bike is highly interoperable, link-friendly, macOS native, cognitive productivity software.

With Hookmark, it’s not a matter of “outlining or mind-mapping”. You can have the best of both worlds by hooking your diagrams, mind maps, and other visualizations to specific rows in Bike.

And so I am delighted that Bike is Hookmark’s Partner of the Month of May! More about that in the upcoming Hookmark newsletter. Bike will reciprocate in its newsletter to which you can subscribe on its website.