Bike: A new outlining app by Hog Bay Software

Bike is a new outlining app by Hog Bay Software , the developer of TaskPaper which I use every day.

Bike works “out of the box” with Hook’s default integration script, which uses hook:///file/ URLs. That gives you links to the entire document.

Bike has deep links to rows. We intend to give Bike users an option to use bike:// URLs. You’ll just need to do this from the command line:

defaults write com.cogsciapps.hook bike-default

and you will be able to revert to hook://file/ URLs by doing:

defaults write com.cogsciapps.hook hook-file.

(or some such incantation).

Or Hook Pro users can edit the integration script (which will have both options). We’ve done this kind of thing with some file-based apps like Obsidian and nvUltra.

If you want links to rows before we get that done, then just copy links directly from Bike and hook them to anything.

hook://file/ URLs have an advantage that you can move or rename the file and the links will still work even if the file is not currently open. Same principle as with OmniOutliner. We may very well provide the ability to automatically add the native app URL (bike://, OmniOutliner, Scrivener, etc.) info to the hook://file/ URL so you can get the best of worlds.


Here’s a Bike deep-linking script shared on Hog Bay Software Support forum: Hook links? - Bike.

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I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but I’m not getting anything when I prompt on a document. Sorry. I feel like I’m missing something due to a lack of technical knowledge.

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @rrobinson . are you seeing No linkable item found in Bike? if so, please refer to No Linkable Item in … – Hook.

I tested with latest Bike and works.

I figured out the problem that I created. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!

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