Bidirectional linking?

Hey yall,

Let me preface this by saying I don’t know if this is a feature already or not. Is there a way for my links in hook to be bidirectional? (I.e. if I copy paste a link of a website or a file into another via hook, is there a way for the link of the note I am copying into, to appear on the file I am copying?)

I don’t know if I explained it correctly or not. Excuse me.

It’s similar to the bidirectional links in Roamresearch, Codex, Notion, or ObsedianMD.

Thanks for asking, @zeevkeane.

Yes there is (so I am moving this to the “Discussion & Help” category).

The command to bidirectionally link items together is Hook to Copied Link – Hook. We talk about “hooking items together”.

A ‘hook’ is a bidirectional link visible in Hook’s contextual window when it focuses on either side of the hook.

For instance, if A and B are hooked together, then when you invoke Hook on A, you will see B in the “HOOKED” section of the window, and vice versa.