Bidirectional Linking w/Devonthink

I use DT for most of my pdf storage and annotating. I would like to have two pdf documents link/refer to one another… and I can’t figure it out.

I read this on the DevonThink forum:

“…Select two notes to be linked, drag those notes to the Hookmark context window to link them. Select which one of the notes you want to be the “upstream” note and type the name of the downstream note in the upstream Markdown note. When completed, you’ll see that the Hookmark link to the “downstream” note appears as a clickable link in the upstream note. Do the same thing for the downstream note by entering the upstream note’s name in the downstream note and that link will appear accordingly in the note itself.”

I can drag the two pdf’s up to the Hookmark menu icon and that’s as far as I can get.

Thank you for asking, @sp1973 .

Currently, Hookmark context window does not support drag and drop. So I am a bit confused.

But there is another way you can do the linking. If you want to do linking between A and B, here are the steps:
(1)Invoke Hookmark window on A, click on action menu → Copy Link (cmd+c)
(2)Invoke Hookmark window on B, click on action menu ->“Hook to copied link” (cmd+v), you will see A appear in B’s Hooked list

Does this answer your question?

Thank you

I am confused as well? Here is an image of me dragging two items to a contextual menu window in hook:

Thanks for the reply… what you said works.

Sorry, now I understand. I always call that menu bar icon window.

Yes, you can drag item(s) to it and do the linking. It is good for files from Finder. But its function is limited. It is not good for Devonthink items for now. We have the plan to improve it in the future.

Thank you