Best approach for using Hook for "read later" tickler file

I am interested in using Hook to maintain a “read later” tickler file. Not so much a to-do list – at least not something I would track in OmniFocus or the like. I find an article or page in the browser, or a file I’ve downloaded and need to read, or a note I’m working on in Ulysses or Obsidian, and so on. I just want a tickler file that lists and links to these things. Nothing fancy. I would probably keep this tickler file in Obsidian. Obsidian doesn’t have any macOS services, so there’s no way to easily send a link to it. That’s one reason I’m thinking of Hook for this purpose, because Hook seems to be more ubiquitous than macOS services or share extensions.


You could use the shell command ‘echo’ to append the link to the plaintext file Obsidian is using.

You could update the Obsidian script in Hook so that if you run it normally you get a new note in Obsidian, but if you hold a modifier key while doing the same it instead gets appended to the tickler file.

Thank you. I would rather use the Hook app features exposed in the interface. I hesitate to add custom scripts because they could be silently removed or made unusable by some future update of the software.

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum @WJJP . A couple of approaches come to mind.

One. you could informally tag things by using Hook’s rename feature, prepending or appending, say txgRL (RL meaning “read later”). Then ⌘F (to search) for it.

NB: Hook’s search currently is ASCI and tokenized, so can’t filter for say #foo as it would yield false positives. See Search – Hook . And Hook doesn’t have tags yet. So just make sure the tag name is easy to search for.

Aside: Apple Notes didn’t have tags until recently; but many users had an informal tagging system to good effect.

Two you could create and optional pin a “Read Later” file. Pinned items are sorted in asci ascending order. You could either hook items to that Read Later file, or append content to it. There’s no generic function to append or hook to an arbitrary file, however that could be done. We intend to provide a collection of services and more goodies, this could be one of them.