Automation: Hook + OmniFocus + MailMate

I use a script (a “Command” in MailMate terms) to create a new OmniFocus task from an email. Well, technically, it opens the Quick Entry bar with some pre-filled fields. Is it possible to somehow get Hook to link the email and the Task at the same time?

Alternately, is it possible to set up a script in Hook that will do all the things my MM Command does (sets some tags, imports a bit more than just the name of the email and a link into OmniFocus)?

I find myself really struggling with OmniFocus these days and I think Hook could substantially ease my pain if I could quickly and easily get Hook to act as a connector between MailMate and OmniFocus (I don’t technically NEED Hook to be a connector between OF and MM, but hey, I’ll take it).

Any ideas?

Does the Hook to New> OmniFocus from Mailmate not do the trick? (I tried it and it still works for me.) that also adds a linkback into the OF task. Or is not good enough?

If Hook to New isn’t a good option, this should still be possible to automate. IIRC, the MailMate command just populates the Quick Entry window, so it’s not receiving a task ID back to use, but that could potentially be circumvented with a new MailMate command…

Oh it works, I’m looking to get a script going that does all of it at once instead of requiring a little concerto played out via keyboard with multiple invocations.

@ttscoff I think you are probably right that a new custom MailMate command is needed. I almost NEVER change the repopulated Quick Entry window and I would happily sacrifice the ability to modify the task name at creation if it auto-linked via Hook.

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