Automatic Hook mutuality/bidirectional hooking

Greetings. Is there a way to cause automatic mutuality between newly hooked items? That is, if I hook email A to email B, it will automatically also hook B to A?

As far as I can tell, I must

  1. Open email A.
  2. Invoke Hook.
    2.1. Copy link to A.
  3. Open email B.
  4. Invoke Hook.
    4.1. Paste link to A.
    4.2. (Invoke Hook; it might stay open after the paste). Copy link to B.
  5. Open email A.
    5.1. Invoke Hook.
    5.2. Paste link to B.

Whew, 10 steps! It seems like the app should permit me to optionally create a mutualized link at step 4.1 and then I’d be done…

Hook links are bidirectional. Linking A to B means B and A are also linked.

When invoked in context of A, Hook shows a link to B, and vice-versa.

OK, great. I didn’t know that (and didn’t notice, but learning new software can be hard…).

Is there an efficient way to create hooked groups? Say if you have 10 items you want all hooked to each other. Is it a matter of “Copy All Links” then pasting them successively or is there something like a clipboard where you can drop a bunch of links and tell it to link them all together?

Once again, I’m hoping this isn’t a dumb question (which would only mean that this answer is self-evident lol).

You can mesh link files from Finder by drag and drop via the menu bar icon. You can drop N files onto the menu bar icon icons, and they will be mesh linked. You can currently only drop one non-file item at a time. So if you want to link a mail message to 10 files, drop the mail message first, followed by the files.

We’re working on other forms of mesh linking.