Archive Hook bookmarks with DEVONthink

I wrote a post about how you can archive Hook bookmarks using DEVONthink.

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That’s excellent !

For those that might not know: Hook automatically bookmarks resources to which you apply Copy Link, Copy Markdown Link, or Hook to Copied Link (including bookmarking via menubar). (Simply invoking Hook on an item does not bookmark it.) It turns out that those are highly discriminative cues of future information relevance. In other words, if you apply those commands to information, it’s much more likely that you want to get to the information later, whether contextually or through search. Also, if you get in the habit of using those commands, then it’s very likely that information you want is there.

Since DEVONthink is an excellent tool for storing useful information, adding this to DEVONthink makes a lot of sense.

Very nice to see integration via FastScripts 3. Daniel Jalkut was interviewed on Mac Power Users 616: The Quality Will Be Ensured, with Daniel Jalkut - Draft - MacSparky. (Does anyone use Daniel’s MarsEdit with Hook? We ran into a glitch in 2017-2019 when we looked into it, before Hook’s public beta. We’ll revisit.)

We’ll add a link to @zsbenke page on Hook’s automation page.

Wait, Hook works with MarsEdit?

We looked at it a long time ago but had issues with the AppleScript. I’ve asked a developer here to look into it again. If there’s an AppleScript issue we’ll get in touch with the MarsEdit developer. Would be nice to connect with Daniel !

It would be nice to sort this out. I would link drafts from MarsEdit to Things projects.

I checked MarsEdit today, and its Apple Script dictionary includes methods for the post selection, which could be used to generate a link.

Although I’m not sure if MarsEdit has any URL scheme to link to.

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We’ve put together a Get Address script for Mars Edit. It was very simple. We’ll publish it soon. (Integration scripts are currently at v. 198)