AppleScript and Hooked Links

I want to show how many links are connected to my current frontmost app using the Applescript via SketchyBar (I prefer to keep my menubar hidden), but I noticed that basically every time it runs it adds a new bookmark to Hook’s list.

  • I’m fine with it for the most part but I’m concerned it might be an issue long-term as the bookmark list is updated everytime I’m basically on any new document or new webpage. Is it okay to let the bookmark list grow huge performance-wise?
  • Is there another way of pulling the count of hooked bookmarks via Applescript that doesn’t add a new bookmark?

I went through some past discussions on here (new user, can’t link) but I’m wondering if there are any updates or thoughts on this.

    tell application "Hook"
        set bookmarkOrHandle to bookmark from active window
        if class of bookmarkOrHandle is text then
            set bookmarkItem to bookmark by request handle bookmarkOrHandle
            set bookmarkItem to bookmarkOrHandle
        end if
        set bookmarkList to hooked bookmarks of bookmarkItem
        set HOOKMARK_BOOKMARKS_COUNT to count of bookmarkList
    end tell
on error errMsg number errNum
    log "Error: " & errMsg & " (" & errNum & ")"
end try

Welcome to Hookmark forum, @Sakurada_Mio .

“Bookmark from active window” is like copy link in Hookmark window, which will automatically add the bookmark.
You can delete bookmarks in Bookmark window if there is any performance issue.

Currently there is no such way in Hookmark. We will have a look

Thank you

Good to know. Incidentially, is there a roadmap listed anywhere? Thank you.