Apple Voice Memos

I am currently getting the “No linkable item found in Voice Memos” message when trying to hook to a specific memo within Apple’s Voice Memos app.

What are the odds that a fix/workaround for this app is either (a) in the works or (b) similar to what was used for Apple Notes in the recent past?

I would appreciate any help with being able to hook to a Voice Memos note. I so appreciate Hookmarks’ functionality, this forum, and the time that is spent on both! Thanks in advance, all!

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Hey @cal184, this isn’t the best workaround for your problem, but through this article I found that the voice memo files are located at ~/Library/Application Support/ You could go to that location and link from there like any other file. Unfortunately, the files are not named the same as what you see in the Voice Memo app.

Hope this helps! Here is the article I read.
Location of Apple Voice Memos in macOS


Helpful, indeed, @tylermcrae7 . Thanks!

Thank you, @tylermcrae7. This is the best workaround for now.

@cal184 Thank you for bringing this up. There is no direct way(such as AppleScript dictionary for Voice Memos) to get the url of a voice memo for now. We will take a look and see if there is any other way to support this.

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